Canada is a country of immigrants and welcomes thousands of new immigrants every year. Canada permits new permanent residents, temporary workers, students, and visitors.  Traditionally, Canada welcomes refugees fleeing war and persecution in their home countries. For aspirants coming to Canada, the first step is to evaluate various categories under which Canada admits people and chooses an appropriate category for  individual circumstances. We can help you to choose the category. However, if you have identified your qualified category, we will be happy to provide any assistance with your application in your journey to Canada.  

We may help with matters relating to business immigration, including relocation, expansion, investments, and work visas, admissibility issues, customs forfeitures and other cross-border matters.

We offer services for:

Urgent Cases:

  •  Federal Court Immigration Appeal Division 
  • Immigration Division 
  • Refugee Protection Division 
  • Refugee Appeal Division 
  • IRCC / CBSA Interviews


  • Medical 
  • Criminal Misrepresentation
  • Deportation / Removal 
  • Financial 
  • Security & Others

Permanent Residence:

  • Business Class Immigration 
  • Express Entry 
  • Family Class Sponsorship 
  • Caregiver 
  • Humanitarian 
  • Refugee Protection

Temporary Residence:

  • Temporary Resident Permit 
  • Work Permits
  • LMIA 
  • Study Permit 
  • Visitor Visa
  • Super Visa 


  • Citizenship Application
  • Citizenship Refusals 
  • Passport Application 
  • Passport Refusal 
  • Citizenship Revocation 
  • Citizenship Resumption.


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Five (5) main categories of programs for immigration to Canada:

1- Business Class Visa

It is a program for investors, start-ups and the self-employed. The program encourages individuals who would like to invest in Canada and create employment opportunities for Canadians.

2- Study in Canada

Canada welcomes international students in its institutions of learning. However, international students can only study in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). After you get an admission letter, you can apply for a Study Permit enabling you to stay in Canada during your studies.

3- Skilled Workers

This program is for skilled workers who want to immigrate to Canada. All applicants are placed in a pool in this program, the Express Entry System, and selection is done based on ranking. 

4- Work in Canada

Work Permit is a must if you would like to work in Canada. There are three types of work permits issued on temporary basis:

  • Open: You can work for any employer except for those who do not abide by the regulations of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, and International Mobility Program.
  • Post Graduate: It allows graduates to gain experience especially as they seek to improve their chances of acquiring Permanent Residency status. 
  • Employer Specific: It includes your employer’s name, location, and the period for working.

A work permit has an expiration date as does the study permit. 

5- Sponsorship

You may sponsor a spouse or a family member to join you in Canada, if you are 18 years or older.  Government of Canada implemented this initiative to promote reunification of families. This facility is restricted to Permanent Residents, Citizens, and Registered Indians only. Financial assistance is a requirement to sponsor.